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The Clock Factory is a Digital Content Studio that takes ideas from inception to awesome.

Digital Creative

Everyone has a story, a good one worth telling well. We work with you to understand yours and find the coolest ways to tell it.

Film Production

We can do it all at the Clock. We’re 4k capable with a 3000 square foot shoot space, lighting equipment, sound mixing, editing bays, a color room, and the crew to make it happen, all onsite.


Whatever you’re working with, we’ll make it look good. On location or in the studio, the Clock Factory can shoot, art direct, and style your people, products, and events.


"Fun, flexible creatives paired with amazing technology chops makes the Clock Factory a real secret weapon.  I love working with them."

— Dia Bondi, Marketing Team @ Twitter

"They combine a relentless pursuit of truth with a genuine love for humanity to bring stories to life. Our work together brought more eyeballs per-dollar than any other project in recent memory."

— Eric Petitt, Director of Firefox Marketing

"Highest end professional. Indisputable. They have set a new even higher water mark. The Clock's video work will have a long tail effect on our firm. I couldn't be more proud."

— Rob Corwin, Creative Director, Cooley LLP

"Collaborating with The Clock Factory team is a once-in-a-lifetime, out of the box experience - more fun than I could've imagined!"

— Kristin Palumbo, Television Producer

"The Clock Factory is that rare combination of brilliant creativity, professional execution and friendly folks."

— Evangeline Critteden, Actress/Writer


A little corporate, a little brand, a little magical realism. Enjoy!

About Us

  • The Clock Factory

    The Clock Factory

    A Place to Create

    The Clock Factory is a creative consortium of filmmakers, photographers, and digital creatives who work and collaborate together in an old clock factory in West Berkeley in California.

  • Amelia Mulkey

    Director / Founder

    After cutting her teeth in television, then working as a birthday party clown, Amelia has become an ass-kicking, award-winning film and stage director with a flare for the theatrical and a knack for authenticity. Really, it’s weird how professional she is because she is so weird.

  • Paul (Pistol) Jaffe

    Cinematographer / Editor / Founder

    Pistol’s got it covered. With over a decade of experience, he’s worked on every aspect of video production; behind the camera, in the editing suite, on color correction. And yet, even with all that technical know-how, he never loses sight of the importance of good ol’ fashioned storytelling.

  • Aubrey Anderson

    Creative Technologist / Sound Mixer / Founder

    Aubrey’s our celebrity-in-residence. A former rock star, he’s got years of experience both making and mixing music. And when he’s not getting everything around here to sound great, he’s building products that revolutionize industrial design and change the way we relate to technology. He’s the most technical creative person you’ll ever meet, the Willy Wonka of the Internet.

  • Myleen Holero

    Photographer / Cinematographer / Lighting Designer

    Myleen is that photographer who somehow always manages to capture the moment that no one else even noticed. Her favorite way to work is in a documentary style, but she gets magic really with any art direction. And most importantly, she always makes you look good.

  • Arthur Vibert

    Motion Graphics / Creative Director

    Arthur’s our guru. After thirty years in advertising and film production, he knows design, art direction, motion graphics, he writes and teaches, he’s directed commercials, edited, he’s manned the camera, designed the lights. He’s got deep technical knowledge and serious creative vision. This man knows what’s up.

  • Alexandra Sheffield

    Editor / Production

    Ali is our secret weapon. In addition to being a hawk-eyed and emotionally keen editor, she’s a real pleasure to have on set. She does this thing where she anticipates what you will want before you even knew you want it. It would be creepy, except her competence puts people at ease. Plus she’s a good hang.

  • Alex Gerhard

    Cinematographer/ Lighting Designer

    Alex is a scientist when it comes to this stuff. More than once, we’ve found him in the corner, taking notes and drawing diagrams of lighting designs and shot sequences. And he’s not just a brain. He’s also crazy tall and can get the angles that no one else can reach.

  • Elena Marx

    Media Scholar-in-Residence

    Elena is our in-house Smarty Pants. A historian of media technologies and narrative consumption, she researches our guilty pleasures: movie-going, television, theme parks, pornography. She has taught courses at Harvard, MIT, and Johns Hopkins, and she currently runs our monthly salon, Tuesdays with Writing.

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